Provider’s 20 To Watch feature, first published in our January 2013 print issue, highlights some of the most caring, committed, and compassionate up-and-coming leaders in long term and post-acute care. In order to bring further—and much deserving—attention to these individuals, we are posting discrete profiles of honorees on this site throughout the year. They include informative links and additional background on the individuals.

Kavan Peterson
Creative Consultant,
Rumor has it that Seattle is positioning itself to be among the most aging-friendly, dementia-friendly, and pro-aging cities in America, and Kavan Peterson, 2013 20 To Watch honoree and editor of, is working hard to make that happen.
Having recently moved cross-country with his family, from Baltimore to Seattle, Peterson is already immersed in the city’s aging services community. In his new neighborhood, which is part of the national Village to Village movement, he has jumped in feet first as a volunteer and newly appointed member of their board of advisors. His goal is “to help shape the direction of the Village movement to become more intergenerationally engaging.”
Peterson has also joined a newly founded (and Seattle-based) Alzheimer’s Services Coalition, working to launch “a groundbreaking initiative” aimed at making Seattle “the most dementia-inclusive city in America.”
The coalition, which includes Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Washington Health Foundation, Greenwood Senior Center, Elderwise, Full Life Care, King County Senior Services, the Alzheimer's Association,, and others, is focused on “working with people living with dementia to empower them to create exponentially increasing opportunities for meaningful living and engagement,” Peterson says.
“For too long the dementia story we’ve been telling ourselves has been one of loss, decline, isolation and shame,” Peterson said. “It’s time for a new dementia story, a story about living and growing and learning from the many strengths people living with dementia can offer, like living in the moment.”
Peterson is helping launch the coalition’s website and support efforts to provide “meaningful experiences for people living with dementia as well as a full buy-in from businesses, museums, theaters, cafes, and community partners.”
In addition to the many local enterprises, one of Peterson’s biggest projects is with NCB Capital Impact, on a “comprehensive social media strategy covering their numerous projects, ranging from The Green House Project and the Village to Village Network, to charter schools and home-ownership programs.”
Looking ahead, he says 2014 will be a big year for him as he works with Bill Thomas, MD, to launch his next book, “Second Wind: Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper, and More Connected Life,” to be published in March by Simon & Schuster.
Back in Washington, D.C., Peterson is also contributing to AARP’s latest initiative, the Life Reimagined Institute, where Thomas is a Senior Fellow and spokesperson. “The institute is tasked with providing thought leadership and innovation to create new programs, products, and services,” says Peterson.
Rock on, Kavan, you’re in Seattle now—and there’s plenty of coffee.

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