​The following are instances when creative interventions resulted in happier residents and staff:

■ One resident spit continuously all day long. An environmental services assistant experimented by giving her a ball of yarn and a crochet hook. The spitting ceased.

■ One team member explained how her medication pass used to take three or four times as long with one particular resident. Using the new approach techniques, she gets it done the first time.

■ A new team member was struggling to assist a resident who was sleeping in the dining room and refusing food that was offered to her. She was shown some techniques that had the resident engaged and eating. It was exciting for her to share with her teammates!

■ Another team member was caring for a resident who refused to rest, even when over-tired. The team member focused on building a relationship with the resident, visiting about jewelry and cats (two of her favorite things) and looking for opportunities to create smiles or laughter. When it came time to rest, the relationship was established, and there were no issues with lying down. The team member said she was anxious to continue to try more techniques on other residents.