As more studies document the link between dementia and diabetes, it is imperative for the interdisciplinary team to have the knowledge and skills to identify and manage diabetes. Toward that end, “Diabetes Management,” a clinical practice guideline from AMDA: The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, recommends the following areas for staff training:

■ Risk factors for the development of diabetes

■ Symptoms of hyperglycemia

■ Glucose monitoring with patient-specific appropriate targets

■ Medical nutrition therapy

■ Medical treatment and insulin administration

■ Hypoglycemia detection and treatment

■ Preventive foot care, oral care, and skin care

■ Management of diabetes in the context of coexisting conditions

■ Appreciation of special medical and psychosocial needs

■ Knowledge of current clinical practice recommendations

■ Benefits, risks, and burdens of glucose-lowering therapies.