I would like to introduce myself as the new Editor in Chief of Provider magazine. I bring with me years of experience in association publishing, communications and marketing—and I look forward to learning more about this wonderful community of long term and post-acute care professionals.

In this issue of Provider, we look at new ways to address the workforce crisis we all face. There is no one answer, but leaders can build a set of solutions that help close the gap on the shortage of qualified workers.

Finding and hiring skilled professionals is a growing challenge, and one possible answer is using international nurses. The immigration and visa process is not straightforward but there are programs to guide you. Facilities will also need to support international hires through the transition, but this process can be a win for all parties.

The shortage of qualified workers also requires that organizations retain the employees they are able to find and hire. CNA apprenticeship programs are a great way to show that centers are invested in developing employees’ skills and supporting their growth.

New technology brings ways to digitize repetitive tasks and free up skilled professionals for more critical processes. Each facility must consider costs, legacy systems and available resources when deciding to upgrade technology.

While we will showcase important issues, such as the workforce shortage, on Capitol Hill during the AHCA/NCAL Congressional Briefing June 6-7, 2022, it is vital that we also advocate for the industry year-round with our local, state and federal officials. Forging relationships with elected representatives can bring real change on the challenges that we all face.

Please let me know what you think by dropping me an email at dstadtler@providermagazine.com. I welcome your feedback and suggestions of what to feature in future issues. I look forward to meeting in person as well at upcoming AHCA/NCAL events.