​AHCA/NCAL supports bipartisan legislation (Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act -- S. 1024/H.R. 2255) that would recapture unused visas from previous fiscal years for doctors, nurses, and their families. This legislation allows the entry of nurses with approved immigrant visas and allows physicians with approved immigrant petitions to adjust their status, so that they can help our nation fight COVID-19 and have a durable immigration status. In addition to setting aside these previously unused visas for physician and nurses, the bill also would require the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and State Department to expedite the processing of recaptured visas for highly trained nurses. Ensuring an adequate supply of nurses and physicians during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is critical, and AHCA/NCAL has led and endorsed various efforts to expediate immigrant visa processing to bring health care workers to the U.S.​​

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