Many elements of a company’s pre-pandemic marketing plan will continue to apply when moving the organization and its brand forward. However, now is the time to review strategies and goals and update them for the post-COVID world.

A few marketing strategies for the future are:

  • Focus on customer empathy. Content marketing, from the company’s website to its social media platforms, ads, and more, needs to create and maintain connections with potential residents, family members, referring physicians and acute-care facilities, and other stakeholders.
  • Realign multichannel marketing campaigns to create brand awareness. Consider how to maximize the use of social media platforms and the potential benefit of adding new efforts such as a YouTube Channel or podcast.
  • Use content to engage potential residents and family members with offers such as free online education (e-books, FAQs, checklists) and lunchtime or dinner programs. Consistent quality content will give prospects and their families the information they need to make informed choices, build trust and engagement, and increase brand awareness.  
  • Have a strong, credible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to gather data and analytics about characteristics, demographics, needs, and expectations of potential residents. A good CRM also offers built-in features such as customized messages and emails, as well as the ability to develop “drip” marketing campaigns that send a constant flow of information to potential customers/clients over time that attracts interest through long-term exposure to the company’s services and capabilities.Determine the best use of paid advertising channels such as search engines (like Google), Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Identify key influencers and strategize about how to partner with them to promote the company’s brand.
  • Keep the messaging positive. The pandemic has been a tragic, dark time for the industry and the nation. However, post-pandemic marketing should focus on best practices and success stories that have arisen from this difficult time and what changes, improvements, and innovations will help keep residents safe, comfortable, happy, and engaged moving forward.​