Care In India

Cascade Healthcare Senior Communities is an American-owned company with three of its centers in China. A year ago, it acquired a large senior living operator in India, which is focused on independent living. While the company is growing, the challenges for growth are similar to those the Cascade is experiencing in China. 

“Really the challenges are very much the same,” says Nate McLemore, managing director at Columbia Pacific Management and spokesperson for Cascade Healthcare. “This includes finding available real estate that’s affordable, getting the right staff, and maintaining high service and clinical quality.”

In India, the services offered are span independent living to assisted living. In China, says McLemore, Cascade is focusing more on assisted living to skilled nursing care.  

Synergy between providers is strong, says McLemore. Cascade has an orthopedic hospital in shanghai, and a multispecialty clinic. Those providers work together, he says, and this applies to providers outside the company, too. 

“We work with a number of the public hospitals and make doctors and nurses aware of our services,” says McLemore. “Just as you would in the US, help educate them as a potential referral source.”

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