One of the most valuable data points is that employee satisfaction is correlated to family satisfaction, and family satisfaction is correlated to resident satisfaction.
In a comprehensive study of 2009 consumer and workforce satisfaction, published in a national report during the summer of 2010, My InnerView (a division of National Research Corporation) found that providers with higher rates of employee satisfaction had increasingly higher rates of family satisfaction (see Chart 1), and similarly, providers with higher rates of family satisfaction had increasingly higher rates of resident satisfaction (see Chart 2). The study also showed that staffing issues made up several of the most important drivers of family and resident likelihood of recommending a provider (see Table 1).


The knowledge of a link between employee and customer satisfaction is a useful starting point for understanding what it takes to achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction, which is becoming an increasingly important measurement for overall provider success. It is also a helpful reminder that despite the pressures of operating a provider organization today, the heart of a successful care center is a focus on the customers and the people who care for them.