Finding A Dentist

Cindy Luxem, president and CEO of the Kansas Health Care Association, recommends that long term care administrators try the following resources if they’re having trouble finding a dentist:

  • Contact a state or district dental society or dental hygienist association. They will know who is working with long term care facilities.
  • Contact the nearest dental school.
  • Contact local community health centers.
  • Contact the National Council of Nonprofits (​

Finding An Optometrist

Knowing that the majority of their residents need eye care, a long term care provider may discover that it’s easier to find an optometrist willing to do it than they think, says Kerry Beebe, an optometrist practicing in Brainerd, Minn., who makes rounds at a nursing facility once a month.

“Optometrists in general are big-hearted people. You don’t do this because it’s a lucrative way to make income. You do it because you know they need the care and you’re making a difference in their lives. Those are the buzzwords” nursing facilities looking for an optometrist should use: “Our patients really need this care,” advises Beebe.

Finding A Podiatrist

Choosing the right podiatrist to care for your residents is also important. Kirk Geter, chief of podiatry at Howard University’s College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., recommends looking for one who has experience providing services to a long term care population.

“Interview them to find out whether they have dealt with the various [acuity] levels of their patient population,” he says.

For a state-by-state list of podiatrists, contact each state’s association through the American Podiatric Medical Association website: