​Following are some examples of how touchpoints work: 

  • In a nursing facility in Texas, one nurse in particular always asks her in-patients if they are expecting any visitors that day. If visitors are expected, the nurse takes it upon herself to get additional chairs and water before the visitors arrive and even asks for their names beforehand so she can properly address them.
  • At a breakfast omelette station, the chef took a guest’s order and proceeded to make an omelette. After preparing it, he actually walked from behind his station and brought the plate to the guest’s table. The chef also thanked the guest for the opportunity to be of service. For those concerned about the productivity time he lost, the process of walking the guest to the table was less than one minute, and it created a memorable experience for that guest. 
  • Another colleague was returning a rental car back to the airport, and she was very late for her flight. The rental car attendant said the obligatory, “Good afternoon, how are you today?” When the colleague replied that she was late, the attendant said, “I’ll be happy to drive you over to your gate; jump in the passenger seat!”