Five Cultural Communications Tips:

1. Be aware that your words or gestures may not have the same meaning for others.

2. Be curious—ask clarifying questions “Do you mean…?” or restate what you think you understand. “What I understand you just said is…”

3. Be open to the unexpected when venturing into a person’s cultural world view.

4. Be attentive to different ways of talking about, understanding, or solving a situation.

5. Be committed to exert energy to bridge the cultural gap.

 Culturally Influenced Triggers That May Induce Stress For Caregivers:

1. The resident wants to talk only with someone who is in charge.

2. The resident uses metaphors, stories, nonverbal subtleties, or hidden meanings and then becomes frustrated or agitated because the caregiver appears to ignore or misunderstand them.
3. The caregiver is focused on providing a care outcome while the resident appears to be thwarting that effort by engaging the caregiver in relational talk.
4. The resident wants to be only with certain residents and becomes agitated when not with that group of residents.