Hands of kindness is aimed at helping seniors feel connections with others socially by experiencing an act of kindness. It works like this: Senior living community residents, including those at independent, assisted living, and nursing facilities, craft items for nonprofit organizations and charities.

Following are some of the targeted recipient groups and items:

  • Stuffed bears with knitted and crocheted hats and scarves for children’s shelters;
  • Chemotherapy caps for cancer patients, both adults and children;
  • Small caps for premature babies at the hospital neonatal units;
  • Crocheted baby quilts for hospice patients;
  • Special tied lap blankets, large blankets, and scarves and other crafted items for the less fortunate; and
  • Special knitted and crocheted toys and other items for children in hospitals and shelters.

Resident Benefits

The impact of kindness can have the following benefits for residents:
  • Feeling of purpose and being connected in life;
  • Higher sense of well-being;
  • Feeling calm and relaxed;
  • Happier and more optimistic outlook on life;
  • Stronger immune system;
  • Exhilaration and euphoria;
  • Increased energy;
  • Delayed progression of cognitive decline; and
  • Improved sense of self and sense of mastery.

Benefits For The Community

Hands of Kindness can provide a strong sense of community by incorporating this all-encompassing project involving senior living residents working together for a common cause.
Communities will be recognized for their humanitarian effort in creating involvement for seniors in a meaningful and purposeful project, sharing their outcome with nonprofit and charitable organizations.
Individual senior living communities and programs will be recognized by media regarding how volunteering and contributing seniors can have a direct impact on the larger community. The Hands of Kindness program is usually championed by a senior center director or an assisted living activity director.

Anyone interested in starting a local chapter may contact Judi Magarian-Gold at jmagold@hotmail.com.