The National Pest Management Association recommends the following guidelines for assisted living or nursing home providers when faced with a possible bed bug incident:
  • If the bed bugs are discovered in a room or a common area, there is rarely the need to close down the entire facility or even a portion of the facility other than the area where the bugs were discovered. However, infested areas must be sealed off from use and treated promptly so as not to further spread an infestation.
  • Do not allow any member of the staff to apply pest control products in an attempt to eliminate the infestation. It is recommended that a trained and licensed pest professional be contacted if an infestation is discovered or suspected. After making a correct identification of the bug, professionals can best determine the scope of the infestation, as well as the course of treatment. 
  • Avoid blaming or stigmatizing a staff member, patient, or family member suspected of bringing the bed bugs to the facility.
  • If a bed bug infestation is confirmed, notify staff and visitors who have visited recently so they can check their own homes. People may not even realize they have a problem at home and are unknowingly bringing bed bugs along with them.
  • Post a notice to future visitors to make them aware of the problem so they can take precautionary steps to avoid bringing bed bugs home with them. An “all clear” from the pest management company is recommended before declaring the infestation eradicated.
  • Prepare staff, residents, and their families for the possibility of several courses of treatment over a period of several months as bed bug infestations often take several treatments and periodic checks to ensure the problem has been eliminated.
Source: National Pest Management Association, 2012