A lake is like a mirror;
it reflects the mood of the sky.
When the clouds are dark and threatening
the lake has anger in its eye.
But when the sky is clear and blue
and the sun is shining bright,
the lake’s a thing of beauty,
its face with radiance alight!

And so it is with people;
your personality shines through.
Your thoughts and deeds are never hidden,
because they’re reflected back to you
in the thoughts and deeds of others
who react in the same way.
Thus we have the power to set the mood
for every passing day!

It is the reason we do what we do. Be inspired by the gifts, talents, and history of the long term care

residents and assisted living tenants who live in your organizations. Seek their passions, glean their wisdom, and admire their resiliency.

At 100 years old, Dr. Allan Peterson, a tenant of The SUMMIT Assisted Living, is a soft-spoken gentleman whose life experiences quickly captivate the listener. A professor of entomology, Dr. Peterson describes how a well-placed original poem, in a lecture, would be just the secret to keep a college student on his toes. It is no wonder his classes were bulging at the seams with engaged students as Dr. Peterson’s published works are as inspiring and interesting as he.