This is the Vetter Way; it is our commitment to everyone we are privileged to encounter, work with, and serve.

V    VIP: I am committed to treating everyone as the most important person in my life. I will show genuine caring and respect in all my interactions. I also pledge to make privacy, dignity, and confidentiality my priority.
E    Empathize: I will actively listen so I know what is important to you. I will put myself in your shoes and provide you with love and understanding for your personal situation to the best of my ability. I pledge to respond to your personal needs, give you choices, and personalize what I do for you.
   Thank you: I pledge to exercise common courtesies in all interactions. I will make “please,” “thank you,” “my pleasure” my professional response.
   Timely: I pledge to give my full attention to anticipating and exceeding people’s expectations. My priority is meeting needs in a timely manner. I will own and resolve concerns and conflicts and recognize others’ contributions in a timely manner.
E    Eye Contact: I pledge to make eye contact and greet people with a smile. I will call people by name and introduce myself to each resident, family member, or team member. I will escort others to their destination.
R    Represent: I pledge to be professionally dressed and well groomed. My appearance will represent the best of my profession. I will project a positive image and attitude. I pledge to look happy and interested while having fun at what I do. I realize I am “on stage” in everything I do.
W    Work and Living Space: I pledge to make the environment safe, secure, quiet, and peaceful. I will maintain world-class cleanliness and order. I will do my part to make my work environment a place where people love to be.
A    Act: I pledge to always act with honesty, fairness, and compassion. I will do what I say I will do. Fulfill my promises and commitments. I will act in a way that will make God smile at my efforts. I pledge to be kind and cooperative with my teammates. I will treat my teammates with the same respect and attention I give to families and residents.
Y    Yes, I can attitude: I pledge to do what I do with a “Yes, I Can” attitude. Don’t think “No,” think “HOW.” I will always ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Do “whatever it takes.”

I pledge to do what I do like no one else does it to create a WOW experience in people’s lives.

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Source: Vetter Senior Living