Titan Series of Chairs Elegant, Durable

The Titan Series of dining chairs from ComforTek balances elegance and sophistication with versatility and durability. The luxuriously upholstered seat and back provide support and confidence required by many of today’s full-sized guests.

A seated individual can be moved to the table with ease.The seat/back of the Titan chair swivels 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right for individuals with limited mobility. The seat locks, allowing persons to hold onto the arms of the chair as they transfer into the seat. StaFast “T-nuts” are used to attach the seat and back to the frame, providing superior holding power. Superior plywood is used on all chairs. The seat features a 5/8”-thick base of bonded plywood, and the back is 1/2” thick for extra support.

The cold-cured foam seat cushion prevents water and other liquids from penetrating the cushion.

The elevated seat pitch is great for people who have mobility difficulties or special positioning needs. Some Titan models can be raised to an optional 20” seat height.
ComforTek stocks some of today’s top designer colors, patterns, and finishes. Visit ctsfabrics.com to view all fabrics.

According to one nursing facility client, “The chairs are wonderful. Comfortable, good looking, and very well suited for specialized use in health care.”

AI-powered Remote Patient Monitoring Detects Activity Patterns

SafeBeing is a wearable, AI-powered, real-time remote monitoring solution that enables caregivers to passively detect changes in conditions, reduce hospitalizations, and improve on quality metrics.

Using a simple, waterproof smartband with built-in sensors, SafeBeing tracks users’ activities of daily living using novel gesture-detection algorithms and provides insights and predictive analytics around them, including sleep quality, fall risk, fall detection, drinking/hydration, activity patterns, wandering, UTI risk, and more.

The algorithms remotely and passively detect physical and emotional indicators to generate insights on risk factors for adverse events, activity levels, sleep quality, poor medical compliance, falls, dehydration, irregularities, and more. These data deliver important clinical insights to health care providers, helping them maintain continuous contact with and improve the well-being of those under their care.

By monitoring users’ activities with SafeBeing, a wide range of insights can be detected based on variations in activity patterns, and appropriate alerts and notifications may be triggered to caregivers and family. SafeBeing grants seniors and discharged patients independence and grants their caregivers and relatives peace of mind.

For more information: Visit somatix.com/solutions.

Partnership Brings Mobility, Independence to Users

Broda, a manufacturer of durable medical equipment, has partnered with Motion Concepts to bring the Matrx Seating Series to perfectly complement Broda’s rehab wheelchairs. This feature allows clinicians to customize each Broda wheelchair to meet the seating and positioning needs of their clients. This provides a durable seating platform incorporated with many clinically optimized features.

Each Broda Rehab Wheelchair has infinitely adjustable tilt-in-space functionality, caregiver- activated dynamic rocking, removable armrests for easy side transfers, and a variety of available footrest and accessory options.

The right combination of wheelchair and seating can be the difference between a positive patient experience and a poor or painful one. Broda continues advancing its commitment to configuring wheelchairs with the best seating options available that are tailored to the needs of each and every individual user.

Broda provides mobility and independence for its users, which allows people using the wheelchair to better socialize with their caregivers, friends, and family.

For more information: Visit www.brodaseating.com/matrx.