Three Innovative Female-Owned Companies Changing Adaptive Clothing Market to Improve Elder care

Caregiving is not easy. It is a complex situation in which elder-care professionals are making strides; however, most of the caregiving efforts fall on family members who have little experience or limited knowledge of available resources. One of the efforts arising from the difficulties caregivers face is the growth of the adaptive clothing market.  

As people age, they may become ill or bedridden, joints lose mobility, and closures that were once easy to fasten become impossible for the wearer to manage.

Alium Adaptive Apparel uses advancements in flat seaming machines and specialized closures to produce innovative and stylish adaptive garments for seniors.    

With the soft and athletic-feeling of CareZips pants, caregivers have an easier, faster, and
more efficient access to the abdomen or adult brief to deal with incontinence and hygiene concerns while maintaining the senior’s dignity.  

Dignity Pajamas designs beautiful and comfortable pajamas for men and women with adaptive back Velcro closures, making it easier for the caregiver to change and preserving the dignity and appearance of the person being cared for.

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Senior Care Solution Uses Machine Algorithms to Learn Behavior Patterns

People Power, a software company for custom-branded consumer services for senior care, security, and energy management, has launched the Presence Family Care Pack, a first-of-its kind remote senior care and family connectivity product.

The intelligent solution, backed by academic research, incorporates People Power’s patent-pending machine learning algorithms to continuously learn patterns of behavior in the home. Using artificial intelligence-powered fall detection, Presence Family Care also provides critical insights and alerts to monitor seniors around the clock and enhance peace of mind for families and caregivers.

The Presence Family Care Pack includes one Smart Home Center gateway that connects a home to an intelligent cloud; two entry sensors to detect when doors, medicine cabinets, and/or refrigerators are opened or closed; and three motion sensors to generate alerts when potential falls or wandering occur. The solution combines a mobile app with intelligent cloud services, voice control, and low-cost sensors and distributes text alerts about situations that need immediate attention to the senior’s Trusted Circle™, which can include up to 10 individuals.

For homes with one senior, additional features include fall and inactivity detection and sleep monitoring. For homes with multiple occupants, wandering detection allows live-in spouses or caregivers to receive an alert.  

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Notebooks, PCs, Clinical Review Displays Compatible with Germicidal Wipes

Clorox Healthcare has announced that HP Healthcare Edition products are now compatible with Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipes and are designed to support infection prevention protocols.

Computers and electronic devices in health care facilities are commonly contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms, and regular cleaning and disinfection are needed to keep them from becoming a vehicle for pathogen transmission.

Clorox Healthcare also created the Clorox Healthcare Compatible program. Through this program, Clorox Healthcare helps facilities identify cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are compatible with the surfaces and equipment they need to treat and helps manufacturers ensure their products support essential infection prevention protocols. By working with manufacturers to screen a broad platform of chemistries and provide surface compatibility expertise and access to a third-party lab for testing, the program ensures health care facilities can feel confident the products they use to reduce the risk of infections won’t damage surfaces and equipment. It also helps manufacturers provide the best instructions for the maintenance, cleaning, and care of their products.

By continuing to drive innovation in disinfectant efficacy, surface compatibility, and product delivery, Clorox Healthcare is committed to empowering clinical and environmental services professionals in the fight against health care-associated infections.

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