Food, Beverage Thickener Available in Single-Serve Stick Packaging

Thick-It Original Food & Beverage Thickener, the first commercially available food and beverage thickener and America’s No. 1-selling retail brand for dysphagia, is now available in new, innovative stick packaging in mildly thick and moderately thick consistencies.

Fast-mixing and easy to use, starch-based Thick-It Original Food & Beverage Thickener Single-Serve Packets safely thicken hot or cold beverages and puréed foods to desired consistency without altering flavor.

Created to improve quality of life for patients with swallowing disorders and their caregivers, Thick-It Original Food & Beverage Thickener Single-Serve Packets are convenient for mixing at home or on the go. The flexible and narrow packets are discreet, and each serving is proportioned, making them also perfect for facility use where health care professionals and kitchen staff can quickly and safely thicken food and drinks with no additional measurement required.

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Health care Technology Company Deploys Innovative Infection Prevention, Control Product

The COVID-19 pandemic is a massive issue for societies worldwide. It is especially a serious matter and top priority for operators of senior care communities. There have been many sad stories of COVID-19 having a devastating impact on long term care and assisted living facilities. Now, Nxtgen Care is on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19, using the tremendous power of its technology to protect residents and staff in this vulnerable community.

Nxtgen Care began working with client partners to build a technology-forward solution. With extremely positive staff and operator feedback, the Nxtgen Care Infection Prevent & Control (IPC) product was further fine-tuned and launched. Nxtgen Care IPC features dynamic real-time contact tracing, physical distance monitoring, early detection and prevention of infection, isolation and quarantine of residents and/or staff, and options to secure/restrict/monitor buildings and room-level access.

“We put outcome-focused solutions in the hands of those who can make a difference when it matters most. Our software provides accountability and transparency in an industry in desperate need of change,” said David Burke, chief executive officer.

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Tablet, Power Source Chairs Add New Functionality to Seating Category

H Contract, Martinsville, Va., a supplier of upholstered seating and case goods for the senior living market, is making its debut in the tablet and power source seating category. Adding new functionality to its product line, the integrated swivel tablet arms provide convenient work surfaces for laptops, tablets, books, and beverages, while USB capabilities provide charging conveniences that are incorporated into the design of the chairs.

Emma Tablet ChairThe two new styles include Clifton and Emma. The Clifton Tablet Arm Chair features a timeless wingback design, perfect for contract interior designers looking for an option to work into traditional or transitional interiors, while the Emma Tablet Arm Chair offers more of a modern design that can work in a wide range of interiors with its smartly tailored track arm and refined tapered legs.

Developed for senior living common areas, including lounges, cafés, bistros, and media rooms, the chairs were designed to float in a room, eliminating the need for additional side tables, a common pain point for designers looking to furnish these spaces.

Each of the two new frame styles is available in five configurations: with right- or left-side tablet arm positions, with or without USB-charging capabilities, and as stand-alone lounge chairs. In addition, a moisture barrier between the fabric cover and cushioning materials helps to prevent moisture penetration on the seat cushion.    

“The convenient functionality of the work surface and charging capabilities provide residents with a great solution for many activities, as more and more seniors are not only utilizing technology to pass the time, but also reading more books, drawing, doing puzzles and word searches, and more,” Vice President and General Manager Dean Jarrett said.

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