As the pandemic persists, residents in LTC communities have been forced into isolation, which can have many repercussions, one being physical deconditioning. Physicians and clinicians interviewed by Contributing Editor Joanne Kaldy for this month’s cover story agree that without interventions, residents’ muscle strength will deteriorate quickly and leave them susceptible to falling. As the siege endures, it’s critical to find creative ways to keep people active. These can include dancing or doing exercises with them from a safe distance in a doorway, for example, or letting them wash their own faces or raise their arms to put on a shirt.

In Management, Genesis HealthCare’s Steven Levenson, MD, touts Google as the latest and the best clinical reference source for conditions, medications, and physical and psychiatric responses an interdisciplinary team could wish for. In seven clear steps, he explains how to go about an online search, using real-case scenarios with suggested key words and relevant terminology. He then explains how to modify the search by asking questions and posing scenarios related to the case.

Vetter Health Services specialists offer advice in a feature on implementing appropriate social distancing and other COVID-19 guidance on a population of residents with dementia. Strategies include how to engage residents, protect against infection, make dietary modifications, and plan for care goals with families.

In a final essay, Sue Coppola of Sunrise Senior Living gives a heartfelt tribute to the nurses and caregivers across the country for all they do to nurture the minds, bodies, and spirits of their residents and keep their promises to the families.