​Staff members of long term and post-acute care facilities have been severely challenged ever since the advent of the  COVID-19 pandemic, and their no-less-besieged leaders have gone to great lengths to support them, says Managing Editor Amy Mendoza in this month’s cover story.  COVID or Hero Pay supplements are offered, as well as meals and events to recognize and reward staff for their hard work and dedication. Community groups have also contributed with relaxation baskets and snacks, drinks, and full meals.

In a new Best Practices feature, Greg Dowdy takes on leadership and team building during times of crisis. He explains the advantages of versatility in core leader strengths, how to find reinforcements from within the ranks, and the value of providing hands-on assistance to the frontline team.

With CMS guiding states toward reinstating the full annual survey process, Management author Kris Mastrangelo takes readers through the Facility Wide Resource Assessment elements, from census and types of care needed for the facility population, to resources, both physical and personnel. She also suggests visual aids to help the surveyor gain a quick understanding of the resident demographic.

In spite of the pandemic, many communities were able to celebrate National Assisted Living Week—sponsored by the National Center for Assisted Living—in September. In a special feature, Lisa Hohenemser describes some of their imaginative events: facemask fashion shows, ice cream truck deliveries, community caravans, cook-outs, dress-up days, and window visits from families and friends.