With the COVID-19 vaccination process well underway in LT/PAC communities across the nation, providers are feeling a cautious optimism about the future of the sector. But the battle is far from over.

In the first article, Senior Writer and Editor Patrick Connole reports on industry leaders’ take on where the business side of the pandemic equation stands and what may lie ahead. AHCA/NCAL President and CEO Mark Parkinson lays out the financial realities of the situation in 2021 and the need for further government relief funding before census begins to tick up, emphasizing that a new wave of seniors in need of nursing and long term care is on the horizon. Page 2

The next piece features NIC’s Beth Burnham Mace, who explains when occupancy trends across the senior housing sector may start to improve and what factors will play a role in the recovery. These include provider efforts to build confidence in residents and families through improved infection control measures and safety protocols. Page 8

The third article covers how capital funding leaders worked to achieve a change in the popular HUD 232 program to give providers more financial options as they seek to pay back their loans and manage the higher costs tied to the pandemic. Meanwhile, AHCA Senior VP Clifton Porter II looks ahead at what actions Congress may take in the coming weeks and months to secure new federal stimulus aid for providers. Page 14