​In our first cover feature, “A Fresh Look at Infection Prevention,” Contributing Editor Joanne Kaldy reports on advances made in suggested treatments for the notorious C. difficile bacteria and urinary tract infections, while lessons learned from the COVID pandemic may help in future flu-fighting efforts.

In “Long COVID: An Emerging Threat,” Kaldy interviews clinicians across the country who agree that “Long COVID is real.” One expert reports that in his experience, about one in five people infected with COVID will suffer consequences well beyond a six-week period. It’s encouraging to know that a number of signs and symptoms already have been identified, but physicians warn that it’s important that each case be investigated on its individual characteristics.

A final cover feature talks about how sleep disturbances have escalated in the United States since the onset of the pandemic. Numerous factors can contribute to sleep disruption, including stress, anxiety, and changes in schedules. However, chronic pain, thyroid disease, and other medical issues can also play a role. Getting to the bottom of the cause in each case is essential, as quality sleep is a critical factor in maintaining strength and health, physicians say.

Focus on Caregiving author Jessie McGill, RN, explains how developing a comprehensive care plan, implementing it as an important tool, and updating it in a timely fashion will not only benefit the patient but keep the facility in compliance with regulatory requirements.

A final feature heralds the first in-person American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living Convention & Expo since 2019. Read up on major programs, events, and educational sessions coming to the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor just outside Washington, D.C., Oct. 10-13.

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