Iattended my first AHCA/NCAL Convention and Expo in October. The overarching theme for the convention was things will get better. By maintaining high quality, pulling together, and striving to be the best, the long term care industry will recover and rebound to be better than ever.

It’s this idea of continuing in a positive direction that we are highlighting in this issue of Provider. Whether people are moving into a skilled nursing care or assisted living facility, transitioning from the hospital to a care center, or improving mental health, these journeys can be challenging. We as caregivers can make these changes an easier path to travel.

Changes in demographics—such as aging Baby Boomers, fewer adult children to provide care, or fewer people with financial means—are creating a high demand for affordable assisted living. Using clever design plans, activity partnerships, and smart marketing will allow providers to serve this segment of residents with dignity.

Care transitions are a piece of the continuum of care that benefit from increased coordination and communication. Whether it’s hospital discharge planning, appropriate use of hospitalization, or medication management, trust and teamwork is critical to a smooth flow.

Now more than ever leaders must help build resilience to ensure a healthy workforce and retain workers. The stigma around mental health is easing, but more support is needed in the form of stress relief, empathy, and caring policies.

This issue also explains the 2022 Assisted Living State Regulatory Review, discusses how to maximize the director of nursing services role, and previews the AHCA/NCAL Population Health Summit on December 7-8, 2022. Be sure to celebrate the Veterans in your facilities, learn more about the Long Term Care Data Cooperative, and explore the PDPM LTC Trend Tracker Module.

As we all move in a more positive direction, I encourage you to continue to reach out to colleagues, AHCA/NCAL staff and volunteers, and other facilities. Together we create a brighter tomorrow. ​