The power of communication is real, and it can have a significant impact on how important messages are received. Compass Total Benefit Solutions keeps this important element in mind when sharing options and information with employees, particularly during the open enrollment process when employees are tasked with making several important decisions.

To help with enrollment, Compass often uses several different communication options to ensure every individual has the information they need to make smart, educated decisions. The Compass Total Benefit Solutions team saw the impact of this in a recent partnership with Continuing Healthcare Solutions (CHS) during open enrollment.

CHS, like many centers across the country, is seeing a changing landscape in the demographics of both its residents and employees.

“Our residents come to us to live—and younger residents bring different interests,” said Tracy Hughey, CHC, CHPC Compliance Officer for Continuing Healthcare Solutions. “Whether they are with us for a short rehab stay, or for a longer period of time, staying active and involved in things they enjoy has a profound effect on psychosocial well-being.”

At CHS, staying active and involved looks different now than it did 5 years ago. There are weekly groups for residents who want to learn the latest viral dances or debunk the myths circulating around social media. When a resident couldn’t attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, CHS brought the parade to her with a marching band, balloon animals, and a parade of friends and family.

Compass Total Benefit Solutions approaches personalized communication in the same way, and when CHS went through open enrollment, Compass embraced their vivacity by using updated communication methods. Compass utilized text messaging and ringless voicemails to share information and reminders, and the company distributed iPads to every CHS center so employees could have a virtual “face-to-face” meeting with a benefits coach to understand options.

Using CHS as inspiration, the Compass team offered innovative solutions to communicate critical information—ultimately leading to more informed employees and better individualized experiences making important decisions. For more information about working with Compass Total Benefit Solutions, email Nick Cianci at or visit