Consider a few key elements to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as protect your residents and staff:

  • Include gender identity and sexual orientation in non-­discrimination statements.
  • Have inclusive, non-discriminatory vendor policies.
  • Provide training for every team member. This should be positive and not punitive in nature, that is, training should emphasize the benefits of inclusivity for everyone.
  • Realize what messages you are sending in your physical space. Do you have a gender-neutral bathroom for those who prefer it? Do you have things like flags and staff with pins during Pride month? Do you have holiday celebrations for people of different religions? Do you have ethnic food offerings?
  • Intake forms should refer to domestic partners, as well as spouses. There also should be a place to ask for their pronouns.
  • Look for opportunities to increase diversity among leadership and in the talent pipeline. Consider ways to get more diversity on boards and committees. Make sure your social media accounts and recruitment/hiring materials make it clear to potential team members that they will be welcome and encounter others like them.
  • Make sure everyone understands that inclusion is additive. Promoting or supporting one group doesn’t mean ignoring or diminishing another one.​