6 Reasons to Change Your Rental Provider

​Your medical equipment rental solution is an important business component in operating skilled nursing facilities. Like most vendor relationships, you may initially have had a good relationship with your current vendor, but then things may start to change – the quality of the equipment starts to deteriorate, deliveries are less than timely, and you discover ongoing billing problems and its never obvious what's on rent and how long it's been on rent. With a thousand other things to address every day, you just can't take time to change your rental provider.  Should you put up with poor service levels, poor quality equipment and constant billing issues? Do you know what's on rent and how long it's been there? Let's look at six signs that will suggest that it may be time to make a change – any one of which could be enough to look for a new rental provider.  After all, you are not only making a change for the good of your business, but, for your residents as well.

​​​1. Poor Customer Service
- does poor service hinder your ability to admit a new resident?  If you don't receive rental equipment in time for the new admission, could you lose that admission?

2. Poor Product Quality
- does your rental equipment meet your clinical requirements and always arrive patient-ready? This should be a given, but is it?

3. Lack of Communication – does your current provider communicate transparently and regularly, such as with quarterly business reviews (QBR's)?

4. Constant Billing Issues
- is your monthly bill accurate and easy to understand or is it a mystery every month? Is it easy to reconcile and does it provide the information you need?

5. No Strategy to Control Your Costs – does your current provider offer the tools and solutions that help you control costs?

6. Inability to Help You Reach Your Long-Term Business Goals – can your rental provider evolve with your business needs? Can they help you maximize utilization of facility owned equipment and control the cost of rental equipment?

If some or all these signs exist, you should consider switching your rental provider. There is no question that switching from a rental provider with whom you have worked for a long time may seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be. Changing to a new rental provider should not be disruptive. A new provider should make the transition and onboarding process seamless and simple.

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