Act Now to Prevent Falls and Rehospitalizations Tomorrow

Skilled nursing facilities are facing many challenges. Staffing shortages, rising resident acuity, and increased risk of litigation due to falls are a few of the most concerning trends right now. But technology can help address these challenges.

Clinical Advanced Insights is the first skilled nursing EHR with built-in, intelligent machine learning.  It analyzes more than 150 clinical data elements to predict falls and changes in condition, so your staff can provide proactive and efficient resident care.

Results from pilot customers
Clinical Advanced Insights:

  • Identified changes in condition and predicted fall risk for skilled nursing residents with 85% accuracy
  • Pilot customers decreased falls by at least 50%*
  • Staff were trained and working in as little as 30 minutes

* Based on machine testing and clinical pilot feedback. Client results may vary.

With Clinical Advanced Insights, you can:

Predict where you'll need resources

  • Quickly group residents and distribute workload based on acuity level and fall risk
  • Guide room placements and location decisions using future-focused analytics
  • Reduce surprises and emergencies that strain your team with real-time insights
  • Onboard new staff quickly with easy-to-understand dashboards and alerts

Focus staff time on preventive care

  • Enable proactive care plans and interventions
  • Take confident action to prevent falls
  • Boost staff efficiency and satisfaction

Take proactive control of costs and risks
  • Deliver an accurate picture of organizational performance, including a clear assessment of strengths and areas of need.
  • Quickly gain alignment on plans and priorities using data from both your EHR and external sources.
  • Get more value from the data in your EHR, transforming it into insights that can impact all your facilities.

 With Clinical Advanced Insights, you can bring much-needed relief to your overworked staff. Learn more about steps you can take today to prevent costly falls and rehospitalizations, through proactive, compassionate care while effectively managing your costs and risks. ​