Bedside Manners Matter Because Nice Matters

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How we interact with residents and families can have a major impact on their overall experience in our centers. When caregivers are more engaged with their residents and demonstrate strong empathy through active listening and developing a positive relationship, they may better understand what the resident needs are and how to meet them. Our tone, body language, and actions are as important as the words we use. The art of caring is showing empathy, actively listening, sharing information, and “walking in their shoes". Only then can we meet the needs of those entrusted to our care. That's why HealthCap® has created the Bedside Manner collection of educational tools.

In keeping with the theme of “walking in their shoes", we realize that people learn in different ways. Learners are accessing and organizing information much differently than they did only a few years ago. Technology has changed the way people learn and educators teach. At HealthCap®, we are dedicated to providing the resources and education you have come to expect from us, while also exploring new and innovative ways to promote effective learning:

  • “Jeopardy-style" bedside manner game - creates a fun and engaging learning environment. We highlight topics such as the art of caring, non-verbal cues, and communication strategies.
  • Interactive infographics - allow the learner to explore information at their own pace and engage with the content. Explore the keys to good bedside manner in a visually stimulating web experience or download our PDF and post it for your staff to see.
  • Web-based video game: For a fully immersive bedside manner experience, put yourself in the shoes of a staff member at a senior living facility where you are put in multiple real-life scenarios in which bedside manner comes into play. Choose the correct answer and move on to the next scenario.
  • Animation vignettes: Real-life scenarios that show how bedside manner can make a difference in resident outcomes.

To access our interactive bedside manner content and much more visit our Resource & Education Center today.​