Blending Hospitality and Senior Living Through Technology

As more senior living communities transition to a resort-style approach, there are clear benefits to treating residents the same as a hotel would treat its guests. Senior living residents now expect the same level of service as well as amenities that are commonly offered during a hotel stay.

At its core, hospitality strives to provide comfort, privacy and a high level of customer service to guests. These same goals should also be shared by senior living communities when it comes to curating the resident experience.

An important factor in delivering this same level of hospitality to senior living residents is technology. In today's connected world, it's imperative that senior living owners recognize the benefits technology can have on the resident experience – and that many older adults have now come to expect these technologies when choosing a community.

Utilizing technology can help elevate the resident experience in the same way it's used in the hospitality industry. Just as hotel guests want access to their favorite shows, senior living residents require the same. Simple technology solutions like a curated lineup of residents' favorite TV channels can go a long way when it comes to resident satisfaction.

As more communities add new and noteworthy features to their communities, it's important for residents stay up to date with these new offerings. Over-the-top solutions like WCI's WorldVue platform allows senior living communities to utilize a custom in-house channel that broadcasts directly to a resident's TV. Communities can use this channel to display activities, dining options, events, on-site services and more. Digital signage can also be used in resident common areas that double as entertainment services while also advertising new offerings.

Smart technology is being utilized in homes across the world and is now making its way into senior living communities. IoT capabilities allow residents to control features like the lighting and HVAC in their rooms from a touch of a button. Utilizing smart technology in communities alleviates the need for residents to attempt to change these settings themselves or relying on community staff to help them. Providing greater control over their experience gives residents greater independence and provides a hospitality-minded approach to care.

Ensuring residents remain safe is an important component of hospitality and is of utmost importance to community staff, residents and their loved ones. Cloud-based surveillance solutions can help community staff monitor residents as needed. This can be especially helpful in memory care communities where residents tend to wonder. Community staff can set up cameras in specific areas like entrances and exits and receive alerts when there is movement detected in any of these areas. These solutions allow community staff to keep residents safe while also maintaining their privacy.

Shifting to a hospitality mindset can have significant benefits for senior living communities in meeting the needs of residents and creating a better community experience. Technology will continue to play a critical role in delivering a high level of service and comfort to residents for years to come.​