Create a More Flexible, Resilient Workforce with CareRev

​​As the healthcare workforce evolves, organizations need solutions that will help them adapt. CareRev empowers skilled nursing facilities with a technology-powered workforce that flexes up and down with current patient demand. Organizations leverage our cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform to post shifts to a local pool of fully-vetted RNs, LVNs, and CNAs looking for flexible work. They use our mobile app to pick up shifts and create their ideal work schedule.

We connect facilities directly to local, flexible healthcare professionals - no agencies, no hassle. ​

Reduce overall labor
Save money through better internal float management and decrease premium labor spend.

Improve employee engagement and satisfaction
Recruit more strategically and diminish turnover rates.

Build a more resilient workforce
Create a workforce that ebbs and flows with patient demand so your organization is better prepared.

Simplify current, internal processes
Easily implement without a dedicated IT resource or the need to deeply integrate with an existing platform.

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