Decrease Overall Spend by Building Supply Chain Resilience

Aging care facilities face multi-pronged challenges: occupancy rates have dropped by more than 16 percent; staffing needs have increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic; and personal protection equipment (PPE) costs have stretched already tight budgets. Aging care providers need to manage costs or face potential closures. To combat razor-thin margins or net-loses, c-suite leaders, executive directors, and administrators are constantly seeking to reduce overall supply spend.

ECRI's comprehensive suite of tools and services informs decision making to help reduce spend on supplies, while maintaining quality of care. With ECRI's tools, you can compare and analyze pricing on more than 2 million supplies at five price points and access spend analytics to reveal potential saving on current and future purchases. ECRI's comparative evaluations, price benchmarking, and market analytics, drive your savings on consumables and physician preference items without sacrificing quality. Typically, our members identify savings opportunities in the range of 15 percent on their overall spend.

Learn more about how ECRI can help you enhance your supply chain management, navigate out of recalls and out of stock issues, and reduce your overall spend.


About ECRI
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