Discover how Predictive Analytics can Enable Preventive Care

Our clear, easy-to-understand dashboard lets your staff see the status of every facility and every resident in real time. Clinical Advanced Insights uses predictive analytics to let you see how each resident's condition has shifted over the weekend, overnight, or in the last half hour. All this data helps your nursing staff:

  • Predict where you need resources next. Quickly cohort residents and distribute workload based on acuity levels and fall risks. Speed up onboarding of agency resources and new staff with our intuitive dashboard and alerts.
  • Focus on delivering preventive care. Clear visibility into vitals and acuity scores enable interventions that can prevent falls. Boost staff efficiency by replacing time-consuming manual work with powerful digital tools.
  • Take proactive control of costs and risks. See what's working and where to improve to help decrease hospitalizations and increase ratings and referrals. Get more value from your EHR by turning data your systems capture into insights that can deliver facility-wide impact.

With Clinical Advanced Insights, you can bring relief to your overworked staff. You can take action to prevent falls and rehospitalizations and deliver proactive, compassionate care while helping manage your costs and risks.

Our video explains how it works. Watch it now.