Empower your staff Protect your residents Strengthen your organization

​Empower your staff. Protect your residents. Strengthen your organization. HCAOct2020.png

Infection control plans have never been more important. Protect your staff and your residents with infection control preparedness. And by doing so you strengthen your organization through improved operational effectiveness and reduced risk.

​Strengthen all aspects of your infection control efforts with the combined power of eLearning and eCompetencies™.

Knowledge + Skills = Competent and Confident Staff


  • Consistent and standardized content across all learners in the facility.
  • Assign courses from a robust infection control course listing.
  • Content based on long-term care practices with scenarios relevant to your setting.
  • Learner paced instruction supported through audio, glossary links, and ability to go back to review content.


  • Train consistent skills across learners. Evaluators use standardized assessments.
  • Meet RoP competency focused on infection control.
  • Access an extensive library of evidence-based skills competencies.
  • Create organization specific checklists with our new custom competency builder.

Put the combined power of eLearning and eCompetencies™ platforms to work for you.

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