Experience an EHR That Can Transform Your Entire Business


Are you facing daily operational challenges? Looking for ways to improve efficiency and resident well-being? Experience an EHR that goes beyond traditional EHR functions, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your entire business.

Our EHR offers robust features that help reduce administrative burdens, boost operational efficiency, and improve care coordination and resident outcomes—helping to ensure connectivity for all out-of-hospital systems. But that's just the beginning.

MatrixCare offers you more than what you'd expect from an EHR solution, helping you achieve significant enhancements across several key areas of your business:

  • Clinical excellence: Enhance clinical excellence through specialized features to improve resident care and outcomes
  • Smooth transitions of care: Simplify the care journey with efficient care coordination and engagement
  • Proactive resident care: Leverage advanced AI tools to deliver informed preventive care
  • Regulatory compliance: Alleviate the complexities of regulatory compliance with automated features
  • Seamless data exchange: Access a fully integrated, unified healthcare ecosystem across the entire continuum of care, including hospital systems
  • Staff efficiency and retention: Simplify daily tasks to help increase productivity and satisfaction, so staff can focus on resident care
  • Business growth: Maximize operational efficiency and optimize occupancy rates and census management
  • Financial performance: Streamline billing processes, revenue cycle management, and cost-saving functionalities

Find out more about MatrixCare's seamless constellation of solutions and discover the difference of an EHR that does more.