FREE Innovative Healthcare PRN Staffing Platform

Eliminate the burden of a traditional agency. Find who you want, when you want.

ShiftKey is the FREE, easy to use, hassle-free PRN scheduling platform that will give you the ability to hand-pick providers that work best for you, time and time again.

With over 11 million hours filled, across 25 states, ShiftKey has partnered with over 1,500 facilities to fundamentally change the way facilities connect with healthcare professionals.

Simply login and post your available PRN shifts within a few automated steps. We'll match your credential requirements with healthcare professionals in your area and immediately advertise openings to available providers.

Your facility will see all shift requests along with provider information—including credentials, licensure, JCAHO compliant competency tests, shot records, and more. ShiftKey is also free to use, the only cost to a facility is for the hours worked by the providers selected for posted shifts.

At ShiftKey, we are committed to providing facilities with continuity, complete control, certified compliance, and cost savings.

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