Get Ahead of Medication Errors with Integrated Technologies

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Helping you protect what matters  

Emergency room visits and hospitalizations, regulatory citations, unhappy families, and increased operational costs. These are just some of the repercussions medication errors can create. 

It's an important reminder that your most important outcomes—resident wellness and safety and your community's reputation and bottom line—need to be protected. That's why it's crucial to choose a pharmacy partner with the technology and expertise to help prevent medication errors and reduce compliance risk.  

High-tech, high-touch services 
Today, over 6,000 communities and organizations across the U.S. rely on Guardian pharmacies to keep their residents safe from medication mistakes, adverse drug events, and medication-related hospitalizations. 

Our 43 locally operated pharmacies (and counting) accomplish this through our advanced technology and expert pharmacy teams who take a compassionate approach to service delivery. 

We provide technology solutions designed to: 

  • Streamline workflows, reducing the chances of medication errors 
  • Ensure accurate medication records, reducing liability and compliance risk 
  • Flag potential adverse reactions, drug interactions, duplicate therapies, and/or   wrong dosage 
  • Improve staff communication and care coordination 
  • Enable our pharmacists to optimize therapeutic regimens by providing a 360-degree view of each resident's medications across prescribers  
    How do we do it? 
  • Our pharmacy systems integrate with all leading electronic health record (EHR/eMAR) systems  
  • We offer smart packaging technologies with standardized barcode-enabled labels, pre-sorted by administration time  
  • Our web-based pharmacy portal provides real-time order tracking, improved pharmacy communication, and on-demand access to clinical and financial reports 
  • We track our pharmacists' interventions and provide you with insights into the clinical impact and opportunities to improve high-risk areas of care 

    With Guardian, you gain an advocate in your efforts to prevent medication errors, ultimately improving outcomes and quality of life for your residents. 

    Learn key strategies to safeguard your residents from medication harm. Download our Resource Guide 

About Guardian Pharmacy Services 
Guardian Pharmacy Services is one of the nation's largest and most innovative long-term care pharmacy companies. We provide outstanding client service and resident care to LTC communities, including assisted living, skilled nursing, mental and behavioral health, and those who serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

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