Hit the Nursing Shortage Head-on with Artificial Intelligence

​VSTAlert is a powerful fall prevention solution that frees nursing teams to focus on one-on-one care and provides exceptional floor management tools. The solution operates proactively, so teams arrive before a fall can occur. Using highly trained artificial intelligence (AI), VSTAlert detects a resident's intent to exit a bed or chair. VSTAlert then notifies assigned staff members within one-tenth of a second, giving them 30-65 seconds to reach the resident before a fall.

Nursing teams are stretched thinner than ever. VSTAlert helps teams prioritize care and prevent falls.

  • Reduce falls by 85%
  • 24/7 floor status to more efficiently manage teams
  • 95% fewer false alarms
  • Notifies staff 30-65 seconds before a fall occurs​

Friendship Village reduced falls with injury by 96% using VSTAlert, even while short-handed. Learn how you can support your staff with virtual rounding and 24/7 alerting to reduce falls using innovative AI technology.​