Identify Areas of Strength and Opportunities for Improvement

LTC-Pathways is a tool that provides post-acute and short-term acute care settings information to measure performance. Providers need to understand their market position when dealing with preferred provider networks and accountable care organizations. By using LTC-Pathways, users will be able to compare their readmission rates, average length of stay, unit (daily or visit) cost, and episodic cost, to their competitors. Information is available for skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospices, and short-term acute care hospitals.

Your team will be able to use LTC-Pathways reports, including our proprietary SNF Report Card, to identify those areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

  • Marketing staff will have access to the number of admissions by referral sources for their facility and their competition
  • Operational staff will be able to review their performance over time and compare themselves to their competition
  • Clinical staff will be able to measure acuity through case mix index

Your team will be able to improve admissions:
  • What type of patients are you missing?
  • Which competitors are receiving all of the high volume orthopedic patients?
  • Is there a need for a cardiac rehab program?
  • Are your length of stay and re-hospitalization rates better than your competitors?

Subscriptions are available at state and county levels.  To learn more, please visit, call us at 509-448-2067, or by email at
LTC-Pathways is one of the solutions available through CBSI