Manage Your Rentals with Dashboards and Reports

​You can't operate your business today without data – lots of data.  If you're an operator of skilled nursing facilities, you accumulate untold amounts of data relating to virtually every aspect of your business: patient information, facility data, assets owned and rented, and on and on.  But unless you can use this data efficiently to make informed decisions, the data has no meaning. With respect to medical equipment rentals, dashboards and reports can be used to quickly assess and understand thousands of pieces of information in literally a couple of minutes, which empowers the user to understand and make informed decisions.

A primary goal of dashboards is to communicate information clearly and efficiently via charts and tables. Dashboards should:

  • show the data clearly
  • allow the viewer to think about the substance of the data
  • avoid distorting what the data says
  • present many numbers in a small space visually
  • make large data sets coherent
  • encourage the eye to compare different pieces of data
  • allow a user to easily dig deeper into the data
Dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, metrics and sometimes performance scorecards on a single screen. They may be tailored for a specific role and display metrics targeted for a single point of view or department. The essential features of a dashboard include a customizable interface and the ability to pull real-time data from multiple sources.

Below are examples of useful dashboards that can be used by a skilled nursing facility (or across numerous facilities) to analyze and manage rental spend:

  • A dashboard can, in visual form, provide data on the amount of rental spend by month, a pie chart showing the percentage of rentals by category, a map showing usage by facility, and the total cost for the highest usage facilities.  All this information can be captured in one place, showing trends, usage and total spend in an easily reviewed chart.
  • ​​​A dashboard can track the active duration of various categories of rentals. It can show rentals by age buckets. Operators have real time visibility of all rentals and can effectively track and manage current rental usage while understanding historical trends.​

MediLogix's easy to use dashboard and report tools are an integral part of RaaS™ – Rental as a Service and the MediLogix Customer Portal and provide a secure, comprehensive, and interactive set of dashboards and reports. They allow you to stay on top of your active rentals while analyzing your cost and trends. You can easily download report data for additional analysis and reports can be scheduled for delivery to your inbox. Our goal is to provide you with complete transparency so you can better manage rental usage and cost.

About MediLogix
MediLogix is leading the market for care providers throughout the United States by offering the industry's only complete medical equipment management solution, Rental as a Service. RaaS™ combines MediLogix's best in class, on-demand equipment rental solutions with Ella, our exclusive asset management application, all in a single game changing service. Our clinical and business solutions help deliver Continuity of Care. Care providers are empowered to deliver better patient outcomes, while lowering their total cost for medical equipment.

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