Nursing and Therapy Strengthening Communication to Achieve PDPM Success

​A webinar brought to you by Provider Marketplace and Reliant Rehabilitation

Nursing and Therapy: Strenthening Communication to Achieve PDPM Success 


PDPM has provided an opportunity to make healthy system adjustments through small changes to everyday tasks bringing great success when implemented effectively. A patient-driven interdisciplinary effort between nursing and therapy, administrative leadership, and the patient’s support system are necessary to PDPM success and can serve as a springboard for more positive outcomes.

Attendees can expect the following from this OnDemand webinar: 

  • Identify strengths within the interdisciplinary team
  • Align those strengths with the most relevant clinical characteristics
  • Identify small changes to daily tasks that will bring improved PDPM success​​

This OnDemand webinar is targeted towards executives and SNF operators.