One Simple Solution to Reduce Costs and Save Staff Time

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By Michele Mongillo RN, BSN MSN, RAC-CT
Senior Clinical Director at First Quality

When was the last time you took a close look at your incontinence program? The true costs of an ineffective one can be surprising. Caring for incontinent residents and having the systems to support them can improve quality outcomes, promote resident dignity, and increase staff efficiencies – saving your facility valuable time and money!

Quality Outcomes
Residents are often placed in incontinence products that do not fit them, most commonly ones that are too large. This incorrect sizing and fit can lead to leakage and alterations in skin integrity including Incontinence Associated Dermatitis, a precursor for pressure injuries.  It is a ripple effect that can be uncomfortable for the resident, costly for the facility, and sacrifices staff time treating a preventable condition.  By placing the resident in the right size the first time, facility costs can be reduced and resident quality of life improved! 

Resident Dignity
Incontinence management should be a person-centered approach. Incontinence typically affects more than 60% of a Skilled Nursing Facility's population and each resident has unique needs and preferences.  Incontinence products should be selected based on mobility, type of incontinence, toileting behaviors, and personal preferences.  Residents wearing the right type of product will be more satisfied and staff can often promote toileting programs, ultimately saving them time.

Staff Efficiencies
Think of incontinence as a program to manage, not just a condition that your residents experience. Similar to fall and skin prevention programs, an effective incontinence program requires constant attention. Simplify your program with systems that are easy for staff to implement and sustain:

  • Staff have ownership of product selection and sizing based on person-centered needs
  • Streamline product ordering and decrease costs with the Prevail® QTool and Prevail® Order Calculator
  • In-room distribution: have products ready at the point-of-care, the bedside

These pillars of a successful program will promote quality outcomes, resident dignity, and ultimately save staff time.

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With over 30 years of industry knowledge, incontinence is our expertise and sole focus. Prevail® offers a proven approach for cost-effective incontinence management including 24/7 access to our certified clinical team, in-person or online. To learn more, call the Prevail® eNurse line at 1-866-573-3776 or e-mail

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