PDPM Revenue Analysis Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

​​​The first two years of PDPM have not been an ideal environment for launching a new payment model. As we embark on Year 3 of PDPM, it's important that our analytics tools are keeping up with the changes.

Did you know the Patient-Driven Patient Model (PDPM) increased payments to SNF's in Year 1 by $1.7 billion when it was expected to be budget neutral?​

  • Do you know how CMS is monitoring the PDPM data?
  • ​Are you confident that your data tells CMS the right story about your PDPM performance?

It's time to check in with your current reimbursement tools and decide if they're keeping up with your strategic reporting needs.

What has your PDPM analysis been missing?

  • Revenue analyses calculated daily with the most current MDS submissions
  • Payment days and estimated total revenue by skilled resident
  • Length of stay metrics organized by discharge destination

PDPM Insights enables proactive management of PDPM reimbursement by resident, facility, and corporation, through up-to-date MDS analytics. SNFs can access case-mix, per diem, and revenue analytics for Medicare Part A and Medicare Advantage stays, before locking the MDS, so they can correct errors, ensure accurate reimbursement, and track projected revenue.

What makes PointRight's PDPM solution different?
Our in-house team of highly experienced clinicians, statisticians and software developers designed our PDPM analytics to ensure PointRight's clients receive the highest payment their documentation supports.

What you won't see in our PDPM solution…
  • Unsupported coding approaches to reimbursement that could place you in financial or legal jeopardy.
  • Claims made ahead of CMS guidance, leaving you contractually obligated to solutions that “over promise and under deliver"
  • Reliance on unverified EHR data only, leaving the accuracy of any determinations based on this in question.

Take a tour of our PDPM Insights solution.


About PointRight®, A Net Health Company
PointRight delivers advanced analytics solutions that empower skilled nursing facilities, payers, and other post-acute care stakeholders to improve facility performance and patient outcomes. Our analytics platform facilitates collaboration, alignment and shared improvement across payers and providers. Bring the power of prediction to your post-acute strategy with PointRight.

To learn more about PointRight and our PDPM Insights Tool, visit pointright.com or call 800.411.6281.​