PointClickCare Removes Blind Spots in Care

​Healthcare is becoming more complex each day, and it's more critical than ever for care providers to have a complete view of a patient and their needs. As the industry shifts to a value-based care model, care teams must have immediate access to in-depth, real-time insights at any stage of the patient's journey.

Without this holistic view of the patient, SNFs will experience blind spots in care delivery and will be unable to achieve their desired outcomes. This is especially important for vulnerable populations who are often the least visible across the continuum.

True care coordination requires data, insights, and a seamless workflow. The right technology platform enhances care transitions between visits, patient management within visits, and network optimization across visits. Using a single platform that spans care settings and provides real-time data and care coordination tools can allow SNFs to achieve:

  • More effective workflows: Automatically transfer clinical data including medication and orders to save hours on medication reconciliation, diagnosis reconciliation, and other paper-based or PDF-based processes. 
  • A complete picture of organizational performance: Eliminate time spent manually compiling spreadsheets and updating performance data, such as readmission rates and length of stay.
  • Improved collaboration with hospitals through real-time data: Set up real-time data running between hospitals and post-acute care systems to support programs for quality care improvement.

Bottomline, PointClickCare can help you eliminate blind spots in care and succeed under a value-based care model. Learn more at pointclickcare.com