Premature Delivery, a Real Sticking Point

Traditional safety pen needles have played a significant role in the protection of health care workers by reducing the risk of needlestick injuries.  However, traditional safety pen needles make it virtually impossible to verify that the medication has been delivered during injection. 

This is for two reasons:

1) The needles itself is hidden from view, leaving the health worker no clear way to determine penetration.

2) Traditional safety pen needles are designed to retract the needle automatically (passive activation) by sensing the release of pressure.  This automatic trigger often activates prematurely, preventing a proper injection or full medication delivery.

Currently, the traditional safety pen needles on the market rely on passive activation of the safety mechanism- except one.  Unifine® SafeControl®, the next-generation safety pen needle designed to provide the right balance of safety and control from injection to retraction. 

  • Manual activation of safety mechanism allows visual confirmation of dose-delivery
  • Needle permanently retracts to help prevent needlestick injuries and cross contamination
  • Ideal for use in long-term care settings
  • Cost-effective device with enhanced user control preventing premature activation

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