Protect the Health and Physical Safety of Your Residents

The right physical security, also known as access control, technology helps caregivers manage who comes and goes. Visitors can be granted access with the touch of a button and at-risk patients are kept secure from exiting the facility. Now more than ever, healthcare facilities must provide safer, healthier, and smarter places to live and work.

Peace-of-mind for residents and their families is a top priority. The Brivo platform enables your staff to monitor, via integrated video surveillance and access event alerts, exactly what is going on in and around the facility at all times. The platform is also equipped with a lockdown function in the case of an emergency. These capabilities are critically important for securing high-value assets, such as medical equipment. prescription medications, and sensitive medical files. Implementing these controls can also help you ensure compliance with federal and state healthcare regulations.

To address COVID-specific safety concerns, Brivo introduced facility safety features that allow for easy occupancy tracking,  contact reporting, COVID self-screening, and visitor screening to ensure no one enters your facility with symptoms, and in the case of a positive test, contact reports can be pulled to understand any possible exposure.

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Access control technology can make protecting the health and safety of your residents and caregivers easier and better.  Brivo is trusted by 25+ million users to manage 2.5 billion access events per year globally. Our SaaS platform unifies security, access control, video surveillance and smart home technology for the modern property.