Reliable Hot Water creates Safety Concerns In Senior Living Facilities

A dependable water heating system is critical for long-term care facilities. Even brief outages can be dangerous to patients, staff members, and budgets.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider it essential that nursing homes have a water management program that is effective in limiting Legionella  from growing and spreading in their facility.

Senior Living Facilities serve more at-risk populations, including the elderly and others with weaker immune systems.  9 in 10 CDC investigations show almost all Legionella outbreaks were caused by problems preventable with more effective water management.

In general, the principles of effective water management:

  • Maintaining water temperatures outside the ideal range for Legionella growth
  • Preventing water stagnation
  • Ensuring adequate disinfection
  • Maintaining premise plumbing, equipment, and fixtures to prevent scale, corrosion, and biofilm growth, all of which provide a habitat and nutrients for Legionella

While traditional boilers run 24/7/365 waiting to be used, Intellihot systems heat water on demand and keep it flowing when and where people need it. Our process conserves 40% of the energy lost in traditional water heating methods while mitigating the risk of Legionella growth.

Energy-efficient practices result in operational cost reduction and improved resident comfort.  Choose to easily upgrade your existing aging system and get peace of mind with our turnkey installation and on-going service.  Hot Water 365 will take the risk and hassle of your water heating needs. Starting at $299/month, proactively upgrade now and we will take care of everything while backing it up by a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Get more information and a free evaluation here.

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