Resident Safety Starts with the Number One Fall Prevention Company

Resident Safety Starts with the #1 Fall Prevention Company 

VirtuSense is the leader in fall prevention with its ecosystem of AI technologies that has reduced falls by 80%. Other solutions in the market notify staff when it's too late—the resident is out of bed and on the floor. VSTAlert is the only predictive remote monitoring system that knows the difference between someone rolling over and attempting to leave their bed, so staff is only notified when they're needed. Pressure pads send alerts every time someone shifts positions, which leads to alarm fatigue and burnout. 
Read how one community reduced falls by 80% after implementing VSTAlert.  

VSTAlert is AI that Assists You 

  • Care for more residents with fewer staff 
  • Eliminate rounding with real-time monitoring 
  • Manage your entire floor from a single screen   
  • 95% fewer false alarms

“The right type of fall prevention strategy in tech is critical, especially when dealing with workforce challenges. We need technology that is accurate and only notifies staff when there is a fall risk. Far too many systems set off false alarms which creates extra work," says Pat O'Leary, Chief Strategy Officer, Western Home Communities  

Stop by Booth #940 at AHCA, October 10-13, in Washington, DC, to see a demo of VSTAlert. 

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