Study Explores Correlation Between AHCA Awards and Higher Employee, Customer Satisfaction Scores


Following last year's AHCA National Quality Awards (NQA) ceremony, AHCA and Pinnacle Quality Insight, an HCP Company, teamed up to explore the impact that NQAs have on employees, patients, and residents. Researchers reviewed employee and customers satisfaction scores of Silver NQA winners versus facilities that did not win an award in the years before, during, and after winning.

The study revealed that NQA winners outperformed their counterparts for employee satisfaction ratings by 7.9% the year before the award, 3.5% in the award year, and 1.8% the year after.  The results were similar for customer satisfaction scores where winners bested non-winners by an average of 1.5% the year before, 2.4% in the award year, and 1.8% the year after.

The findings indicate a correlation between the awards and elevated scores. Not all that surprising on the surface. Many would expect award-winning facilities to produce happier patients and staff. It's what was beneath the surface driving up those scores where the greatest lessons and value were uncovered.

Analysts pointed to the extremely influential roles played by purpose and process during the award qualification period, as well as the power of ceremony upon winning and in the months that follow.

Investigating the correlation between each study period and their corresponding performance scores, HCP Chief Strategy Officer Chris Magleby surmised the following:

“The year prior to an award, winning facilities score highest for employee and customer satisfaction due to a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment among staff and its trickle-down effect on customers. In the award year, award-winning facilities enjoy an advantage over non-winners due to the publication, recognition, and celebration of winning, and their resulting positive influences on employees and customers."

View the complete study results and discover how to leverage them to the benefit of your staff, patients, and residents.  

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