Tek-CARE Healthcare Communications Systems

For over 45 years, TekTone® has designed and manufactured UL® Listed Tek-CARE® nurse call, wireless nurse/emergency call, wander management, Tek-SAFE® area of rescue assistance systems, and Tek-ALERT® integration systems. TekTone® products are designed and built in our FDA-registered, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in North Carolina - plus a network of distributors and representatives that stretches worldwide. 

TekTone's wired and wireless nurse call systems provide flexible features and integrations to assist staff members in providing the greatest care for residents.  In addition to the safety and security provided by the nurse call system, TekTone also offers the Tek-CARE Wander Management system to help keep at risk residents away from harm.  With the Alert Integration Manager, these systems can be integrated to display calls at one convenient location, as well as provide customized management reports.  Along with reporting, the Tek-CARE Staff App can also be used to notify staff on-the-go using iOS or Android devices or display monitors using Tek-CARE TV.

TekTone®'s portfolio is diverse by offering wireless pendants that fully integrate with wired audio-visual nurse call, resident wander management, and alert integration- simultaneously.  Our goal is to meet the various needs of an entire community on a single platform.

TekTone partners with local service and installation partners for prompt, convenient service and support.  We have partners spread throughout the Nation for local service, support and installation of systems.


About TekTone

Founded in 1973, TekTone® designs and manufactures UL® Listed nurse call, wireless nurse/emergency call, apartment entry, area of rescue assistance systems, and alert integration systems.  A trusted leader in communication systems, TekTone® has grown rapidly — TekTone® now serves these markets both nationally and internationally.  For more information visit www.tektone.com​ or call toll free 800.327.8466.