VIRAL PROTECTION Hospitals, Nursing Homes, School Environments and Factories


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that hospitals, schools and businesses not only protect their students/employees but also monitor employee health regularly. Legal experts assert that entities that fail to maintain minimum standards, including health monitoring and screening, could later be subject to liability or workman's compensation issues if hospital staff, patients, teachers, students, service employees and visitors contract the virus.

Visitors will also appreciate the precautions taken to ensure that safety-first is a large part of your stand against viral spread.

FeverWARN is simply the most advanced, non-invasive, socially–distanced, FDA compliant temperature scanning device in the market.​

  • FDA Compliant
  • Accuracy to +/-0.9°F +/-0.5°C
  • Fast (1.5 seconds/scan)
  • Ports for card readers ,doors, gates, and more
  • Helps reduce legal exposure
  • Priced thousands less than thermal imaging cameras
  • NEW OPX technology extends the ambient range of infrared scanning by up to 50%

FeverWarn can be installed in hospitals, assisted living and nursing home front lobbies, school lobbies, office buildings, security checkpoints, any other place where the initial entranceway is utilized.

For more information check out our white paper >

About MachineSense
Since 2019, MachineSense has been primarily immersed in the Internet of Things (IOT) technology that  focuses on human safety and security issues.  Beginning two years ago, the company patented and has applied several designs for detecting potential bridge and structure failure through its IOT sensor technology---and then more recently on temperature scanning and virus detection systems.  In particular, MachineSense, and its product FeverWarn, has now successfully developed a new approach to accurate, reliable, and fast temperature scanning through its patented “wrist/fist" temperature scanning application, and most recently through its OPX technology which extends the ambient range of infrared scanning by up to 50%.  The company is also planning on the introduction of its Viralert products which detect viral matter in rooms during Q2 2021.